The Evernote #Sportfolio Experiment {Post #1}

Thanks for taking the time to have a read of my first ever blog post. Thanks to all the #pegeeks for all the inspiration over the last 10 months Ive been on Twitter.
Here I go…
After a lot of reading blog’s, forums, articles, ebooks and YouTube seminar watching, I’ve decided upon a plan of attack for my students with trialling online portfolios, or ‘sportfolios’!

Let the experiment begin!
Lower school core subjects have their text books and files while our PE students are without. My goal is to use these eportfolios to enable students to collate artifacts (themselves – not the teacher) which will be reflected upon, used as assessments and as a work sample/presentation tool for parents.
Having something tangible to look at, along with the fact their parents will be sharing the notebooks, will (hopefully) give them; a deeper understanding of what they are being assessed on, set, revisit and modify goals which will lead to a deeper learning experience within Physical Education.
Being a PE teacher I need a mobile tool that is simple and quick to use. I want students to be spending as little time as possible entering the actual artifacts into notebooks. Hence I’m using our 8 iPod touches and my iPad. It also has to be student driven as i don’t want to be burdened by a massive workload.

Evernote is going to be my platform of choice for a few reasons.
Firstly, they are a company that are trying to do one thing. Very well. And its a free app. They keep it simple to use, but have an amazing share and search capabilities. I use other platforms such as Google drive but there is something about evernote that has hooked me.

Secondly, reading Rob van Nood’s book The power of e-portfolios: document, reflect and share learning with evernote was a real insight into the logistics of e-portfolios in education. His webinar ‘evernote for portfolios’ speaks of how he has integrated evernote as a system of reflection and sharing learning throughout the whole school and home to parents.
So the ideas I have for sportfolios. Im trialling one PE class, my enthusiastic year 8 boys using our 8 iPod touches, and one year 10 health class as they all have macbooks. I see the PE class twice weekly and health once.
Day 1 16/4/13
I’ve selected 3 of my tech-savy year 8 students to be my ‘evernote experts’. I showed them the basics of setting up accounts and collection some basic notes. Then they would go and select one student each at a time to help them set up their account, with a notebook named ‘Year 8 PE sportfolio’. That seemed to work well and they had most students connected. Students took a photo of themselves as their first note to add to their notebook and tagged it with their name to become aware of the use of tags.
Students sharing this notebook with me. I will then create a stack of their notebooks for easy access.
Day 2 – 18/4/13
Not all students had the time to complete their account creation last lesson so we had our experts finish getting all students completed.
Students then added their evernote emails into my iPad on a pre-created template using the app, numbers.
Parents have been sent a text asking them to email me, so I then have all parents emails enabling me easily keep them informed and connected to this project.
*SMS trial, only 7 parents responded. Will send a letter home asking for details and again explaining the project.
School holidays are now upon us, so creates a good time for further planning and posting. Ill start setting up my Year 10 Health class with their health-folios early week 1.

Next Post: What tags I will use and what will be included in the ‘sportfolios’!

Carlos Fernandez presentation was also an inspiration for this project.

Evernote is so simple to use, just ask this 7 year old!


6 thoughts on “The Evernote #Sportfolio Experiment {Post #1}

  1. I’m glad you’re starting to blog about this. I think this will be really helpful for all those teachers that work outside the regular classroom. I look forward to reading about your discoveries with this work.

  2. This looks excellent. I would love to follow your progress. Do you have a follow by email option for the blog so that I can be notified when a new post is up?

    1. Try the follow button up the top of the page. Im pretty new to wordpress so still learning a lot. Ill be updating most days for the rest of the week until school returns again. So keep coming back, would love to hear your feedback!

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