The Evernote #Sportfolio Experiment {Post #2} #Tags and resource notebooks

The response from the first post was fantastic. Thanks again to all the #pegeeks for their encouragement and support!

School Holiday work

Its school holidays right now so students have been asked to;

1. Share their notebook with me if they havent already. (They have my evernote email)
2. Create 1 new note per week while on holidays. The note can be a picture from the paper or web link so long as its related to our soccer context for term 2. I left it fairly open to see what they would come up with. I want them to get used to documenting artefacts so it starts to become second nature to them.

Ive created a shared common notebook (with all students) for me to add and share resources with students as well as rubrics and other artefacts they can download, complete and add to their own notebooks.

I will issue students with cards informing them of the tags id like them to use.

#termx eg. #term1
#studentname eg. #BlakeKampen
#sport eg. #soccer
#year eg. #2013

These tags were thought out carefully so that students will be able to search their work by date and context. As will I! Which, if you teach between 200-250 students each year could be very handy come reporting time. Eg. If i wanted to find BlakeKampen’s behaviour from term 1 2013 compared to term 4 2013 in a parent interview, i could search #BlakeKampen #term1 #term4 #behaviour. Within a matter of seconds i could have this information up on screen!
Any other suggestions for tags is more than welcome. Leave a comment below.
Next Post: Email on iPods and Student artefact checklist


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