{Post #3} The Evernote #Sportfolio Experiment – How and what syudents will include

Email on iPods
Ive set up my own gmail on each of the 8 iPods so students can use their evernote email to forward artifacts straight to their notebooks. It took a little while but to minimise time spent with iPods in faces, I added student evernote email addresses to my address book for students to easily retrieve when required.

Ive also, obviously had to install evernote onto each of the iPods. I Would love to have 2 more iPods so each team (there are 5 small sided teams) could share the same 2 devices each lesson. This way I could keep trace of any misuse that has been a small problem in the past. (Mainly photos of themselves puling stupid faces!)

Student artifact checklist
I created a note using evernote and added it to our shared notebook using tick boxes. Students will be able to keep track of the different artifacts they will be required to submit, through checking the boxes once they’ve added to their notebooks.


Students will be told that this list is likely to change. As this is a very new concept that is in trial mode, this list of artifacts will grow as the project grows.

The great thing about evernote is that its cloud based which allows students to catch up or add extra artifacts at home. Some of the items will be electronic, while others will be on paper, with students taking a quick snapshot and send to their evernote. Im still tossing up whether to go the email to notebook route or every student simply adding to their notebooks through their actual accounts in app. Will have to see which is quicker next week.

Comments have been really helpful. The more feedback I receive the more I can reflect on and improve!

Next Post: WiFi Issues, skitch to assess, and possible collaboration (dropbox/video peer assessment across the oceans) with @melhamada !


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