{Post #4} The Evernote #Sportfolio Experiment

Wifi issues
One issue that I may be facing will be accessibility to the internet on the oval. I have previously had wifi ports in the closest building to the oval turned to face out towards the soccer/AFL areas. This gave us some coverage on the outskirts of the oval but nothing past that. Im hoping the new buildings being erected right now, flanking the ovals may solve this issue. Otherwise I will try to have the pitches as close to he edge of the oval as possible or have a dedicated 5 mins at the end of class for teams to upload material. We do have wifi in the gym so some lessons may occur here.

Content of sportfolios

Student will be issued with hard copy clipboards with paper protection and a handy pen on a string attached. Even though this is a digital portfolio, due to resource limitations (8 ipods/29 students & wifi issues mentioned above) some of the data and reflections will be hand written and, at a later date, photographed with the iPods and moved to student notebooks. Students will be shown the best way to photograph documents ( straight above and in good light).

Students will be photographed by me with my iPad to document peer umpiring, scoring and coaching. I can quickly snap the photo in the evernote app and annotate the image using skitch. I will then add th photo to our shared resource notebook where it will then be up to the students to copy in to their own sportfolios in their own time.

Students in all year groups start the lesson with a short warmup and then a 7 min run. They set a goal for he amount of laps they will do (to the closest 1/4 lap), aim to achieve this goal, then reflect on how hard they pushed themselves.

We have a class set of heart rate monitors which students will use to analyse their efforts during match time, titled ‘am I trying hard enough?’
Ill also add soccer skills rubrics, which will be teacher and peer assessed. With a bit of luck and organisation, @melhamada and I will each video students demonstrating skills, upload to dropbox and have our students peer assess each other. This will add another layer to this experiment. Once we have sorted the details properly we will keep you updated on how this goes. Possibly using coaches eye app. Anyone else tried this before? International peer assessment. How cool is that?

Next post: Surprise*

*Have not planned yet 🙂 Thanks again for reading.


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