Create a report card from your phone or iPad

A pretty simple process using @mrrobbo’s app Easy Assessment, your phone or ipad, dropbox and a printer (bonus if its wireless).
This can be used as a way to give students formative or summative
assessment feedback easily and quickly.

1. Download Easy Assessment app and set up your classes and rubrics. There is a great tutorial in app which walks you through these steps. Below here ive created a demo rubric for soccer.


2. Simply screen capture the students that you would like to give he feedback to. Usually by pressing the home button and power button simultaneously. This will save the image to your device.


3. If you have wireless printer you can print from your device and your done. If your feeling really kind you could print to card and cut the white border off to really finish It off nicely.

No wireless printer. No worries.
Move the image to dropbox, or any other cloud based platform you use. On my samsung galaxy phone (which I have completwd this entire blog poat from) I click the share button at the top of he screen and im given a while lot of options.


Once you choose dropbox, select the folder you want to store the image in and upload.


4. Move to your laptop or PC, open dropbox and find the image. Open and print.


Ive used this before and students were really responsive to recieving feedback in the form of a cool looking report card at the end of the unit (especially when its not even end of semester). I even had a few parents emails thanking me for the report card as it kept their sons really excited about PE. I even overheard a feq students from other classes whinging where was theirs??

Simple. Quick. Professional look!

Hope it useful.


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