{Post 5} The Evernote Sportfolio Experiment – The 7 apps I’ll use


So ive narrowed down the apps on our department ipods to 7 and moved them into a folder I named PE to enable easy access for students. Ive found in the past the various other apps trialled on the ipods have been more of a distraction, so they got deleted for now.
Ill talk about how each of these apps will be used (along with the incredible http://www.ifttt.com) briefly tonight and in more detail at a later date.

Evernote FREE
Ok, kind of obvious if you have been following this blog. This will be the basis for the evernote sportfolio experiment. Recent update allows you to search ALL docs, not just pdfs, including word and web clippings.

Edmodo FREE
If you havent looked into this platform, you should. A great educational social network site with a layout based around facebook so most students navigate the app blindfolded. A place where ill be posting some information and quizes which can be linked to their sportfolio.

Coaches eye Well worth the $ US5.49.
Great video analysis app that now enables side by side comparison with seperate or locked motion wheels. Will be a great addition for students to be able to compare their skills pre and post unit and compare to evaluate improvements.

Dartfish Easy Tag FREE
Awesome student stats collector. Set up your own rubrics at various sizes and label as you please. Students simply touch he screen to tally. Easy to set up and ive found students are really comfortable using this app. A simple screenshot can then be saved as an artifact for student sportfolios.
I plan to use this for as a reflection too for individual and team stats so students can see where they can improve, and parts of the game they succeeded in.


It will look something like this example.
Note that once you press stop in easytag you will then need to press resume which will take you back to the actual stats. Emailing the stats doesnt really work as the stats arent tallied, rather recorded as a timeline, so is difficult to read.

Video Tagger $2.99
Great little app that will enable me to take video highlight/(or lowlight) reel of individual students skills. Could even be used to highlight student umpiring skills (ie confident loud calls and strong signals, how confrontation was dealt with).

Dropbox FREE
Great ‘cloud’ storage app which will be used for larger video files which can then be linked into students notebooks with a few clicks. May even have students create their own accounts via my link to bump up my storage!

QR code reader FREE
There are many out there that work really well. I will have this app to link in with video warmups for now.

Total overheads for apps – $8.98 (or about 30c per kid for this experiment) Not bad!

Im also going to trial a recipe I made on the site http://www.ifttt.com
If a student uploads an artifact to their folder (which is shared with me) I will recieve a push notification via Pushover
The theory Is that that I will be able to keep track of students work added to their sportfolios. Will see if this works, or drives me nuts.


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