{Post #6} The Evernote #Sportfolio Experiment – Using evernote audio feature for student reflection

Ive said it before and I’ll say it again: The more I use evernote the more I love it.

Haven’t used evernote? Learn here.

Ive thought of using the audio feature as part of the evernote sportfolio experiment, but wasnt exactly sure how to do this effectively with students, until a few days ago.

As evernote does not support saving video (although there are work-arounds), the next best thing is combining a photo with audio.

For our soccer unit students are required to demonstrate particular criteria whilst umpiring. Effectively dealing with argumentative players, use of red and yellow cards if necessary, showing fairness and knowledge of rules, field positioning and clarity of calls/signals.

I simply took a picture of the students umpiring and at the completion of the game used these criteria as questions for student reflection, clicked the audio button and recorded for about 1 min. The two documents took about a minute to collate and are only about 200kb together. The note is saved in the shared notebook and the student then copies the note into their sportfolio.

The title of these notes were: student name, term, year, unit and outcome (soccer) to make it easily searchable.

I hope having the image with the audio will give the artifact more relevance to the students.
Simple and quick reflection on umpiring that could actually be used in any context.


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