{Post #7} Failures = Learning

So I made 2 mistakes. But I learnt.

Firstly I actually over- estimated my year 8’s knowledge of tech. I assumed my digital natives would be able to navigate simply through evernote and even teach me a thing or two. Wrong. So ive sat down and taken the time to slowly walk them through what im expecting.
Secondly, I tried to use my ‘evenote expert’ students to talk their peers through setting up account and sharing their sportfolio notebooks with me via my evernote email. Again maybe an over estimation of the capabilities of my boys. I did try to give them some responsibility with the initial setting up, but I suppose with something so new I should have sacrificed a couple of lessons to have a solid foundation. I was just really concerned about taking away from activity time, but if I was to have my time again, I would introduce the concepts a lot slower.
Students are excited about the project though, so far adding umpiring audio reflection, skills and tactics rubric reflections as well as attitude and responsibility self reflection sheets.
I do still get a kick out of seeing teachers faces walking past wondering what in the world is Mr Kampen doing with ipods in PE?
Hopefully they will all know shortly as ive contacted local papers to do a story on the project as a bit of a PR exercise for our school and dept.
Will keep you posted!
Next : hopefully incorporating @mrbpeteacher and @joeyfeith idea of assessment using numbers app into evernote sportfolios!

Some exciting weeks ahead. Cant wait.


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