#SportfolioChat – Come Join the Conversation – 7PM WST (AUS) + UPDATE – other time zones added

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So there has been quite a bit of chat on twitter amongst the #Physed/#Pegeeks crew about the creations of e-portfolios, or as we call them in PE: Sportfolios. Most of the tweets Ive read have been along the lines of ‘sounds great, been meaning to start something like that’ or ‘holidays are coming up, need to get planning, but still don’t know what platform to use’.

If this sounds like you, or your already using e-portfolios in PE, then join us on twitter with the hashtag #SportfolioChat starting Tuesday 7pm WST (AUS). Each Tuesday for 4 weeks (or more) we can trade ideas as we progress together using the best practice for creating these portfolios as quickly as possible to minimise time out of activity.

This format is slightly different to the very popular #PEChat in that the conversation can continue for a few days or a week until the next topic starts on the Tuesday. This way it gives people the time (if required) to put some of the ‘chat’ into practice and maybe reflect the following week. I guess this could turn into a mini project for some people and a refinement on what others already have in place

Week 1
– Why Sportfolio?
– What are you hoping to gain out of creating this e-portfolio? For yourself/students/parents
– Does the student or teacher have control of the portfolio?

Week 2
– What platform do you use?
– Why did you choose this particular platform
– What technology do you use (if any)?

Week 3
– Hurdles you may face creating sportfolios
– What should you include in the sportfolio?
-Is privacy/permissions going to be an issue?

Week 4
– Exchanging resources eg. rubrics and other artifacts
– Conclusion/reflection of main ideas covered

I’m hoping to get a nice little group together discussing the pros and cons about using technology to create student portfolios. Hopefully we can put our minds together and make sportfolios work!

P.S. These topics are definitely subject to change depending on the direction we as a group want to take it. I guess I basically wanted to get the ball rolling on this topic that Im currently interested in, and pick at people’s brains!

Please RT, the more heads we have in the conversation the better!

Time zones for the chat are as follows;
West Coast Australia – 7pm
East Coast Australia – 9pm
UK – 12pm
East Coast USA and Canada – 7am
West Coast USA and Canada – 4am (ouch)

Hope i Have this right!


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