#Sportfoliochat Week 3 Summary

Week 3 #Sportfoliochat Summary With @MissHartl @ChrisFenMac @andyvasily @peguth @ashleamills @mrkampen @Physed_Pomeroy @movelivelearn @brycekos

– Hurdles you may face creating sportfolios

…time spent away from activity time
…Biggest issue I face is being overwhelmed by the technology that is out there!
…sometimes you have to focus on one or two things and let it grow from there!
…time constraints in controlling/contributing to portfolios over a range of classes and year levels
…age appropriateness, amount of students in my class & time I have them for.
…time spent working on portfolios could be spent exercising
…it takes constant reflection, modification, tweaking, and switching up
…Ensuring I’ve chosen a suitable medium for age is my struggle.
…Some hurdles may be limited availability of mobile devices for all Ss!
…My issue with technology is 90% of the class can be quick, but I have to wait for the other 10% to get it. –> Yes that 10% is the tough part… can always pair up the faster Ss with ones that need extra help

– What should you include in the sportfolio?

…Pictures or videos of skill development. Journal reflections.
…evidence of learning, photos, videos, reflections, results or achievements
…Fitness scores and goals.
…could even add in video analysis of skills into the mix as well with coaches eye!
Allows students to reflect on photos/videos they may have taken
…Yes I like how you say ‘evidence of learning’.. ultimately that is the goal! Then comes the reflection piece

-Is privacy/permissions going to be an issue?

…depends on your acceptable use policy and the platform you are using.
…using Google Drive. I like how nothing can be public unless you the permissions to be public, or that nothing can be shared unless you share it
…We have an AUP in our school division that all Ss sign in order to use comps and wi-fi etc. Majority sign it
…You can make them private and only send link
…it can never hurt to keep parents involved in what their students are doing online and get their permissions first, especially with younger students who may not have an online presence
…Teachers would need some control or input in primary years


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