#Sportfolio : Where I’m at and what Ive done.

Last week marked an exciting moment for PE, with 6 amazing educators teaming up to produce the very first Sportfoliochat Google Hangout, further promoting and discussing this diverse learning tool.

Firstly thankyou to @MissHartl and @Physed_Pomeroy for organising the event, it does take time out of our busy days to coordinate. The chat answered a heap of questions, but unveiled probably just as many. It also made me realise that everyone has different goals and expectations from creating e-portfolios, they are all going to be so unique.

I haven’t blogged about my experiment for a while so thought this the perfect opportunity to share my mistakes (we don’t learn without them), struggles and successes over the last few months with the Evernote Sportfolio experiment. Hopefully help people to get started on their own student sportfolios and see what can be achieved.


Unfortunately about 30 minutes before the hangout was to occur, I was called in to an admin meeting. I was disappointed not to be able to contribute to the chat, so if I was there this is what I would have said….

Part 1: Introductions
  • Name: Blake Kampen
  • Twitter handle: @Mrkampen
  • Where you are from: Originally from Perth, Western Australia, currently living in Bunbury on the south-west coast of Australia
  • Where you teach: Dalyellup College https://plus.google.com/103445923071977301747/about?gl=AU&hl=en-AU
  • Grade or age level of teaching: We have yr. 7-12 (12-17/18 years old)
  • What are you most excited about for this sportfolio Google Hangout? Would have been great to meet other like minded educators excited about creating and using sportfolios with students as an innovative form or assessment, reflection and presentation of their learning
Part 2: Discussion Topics via @mrkampen & #sportfoliochat
  • Why Sportfolios? What is their purpose?  

For me, the purpose of the sportfolio is an evolving one. It can be student reflection, assessment, reporting to parents, journal entries, fitness progression, or all of the above.

Ultimately, the students will (hopefully) take ownership of the use their portfolios which will enhance their learning in Physical Education.

  • What are you hoping to gain out of creating sportfolios? For yourself/students/parents?

For myself: To have all my students work displayed in one place on my iPad which I could pull up at a seconds notice to track student progression and work completed. Also to show students/parents or administrators this innovative work and raise the profile of Physical Education at our school.

  • What platform do you use? Why did you choose it? (Google Drive, Easy Portfolio App, Evernote, Three Ring, etc.)

I began the experiment using evernote as the storage space for my students to store their artefacts. I decided on this platform for couple of reasons;

1. It was free

2. Its available on almost every device.

3. Simplicity of use

4. Incredible search features (Optical character recognition – can search handwriting, inside Pdf’s, word, pictures and other documents)

5. The ability to use audio recordings

6. The fact the crew at evernote are in this for the long haul (100 year plan) http://youtu.be/XIZaz25Ueq0

7. Ability to store web clippings, pictures, short videos, checklists and other texts.

8. Ability to quickly share with parents

9. Individual student evernote emails which send directly to notebooks (either individual or whole class)

10. Constantly being updated with great new features such as reminders

  • Does the student or teacher have control of the portfolio?

Student: The reason for this is that in an ideal world, each student could then take their portfolio with them throughout their schooling and constantly reflect on their progress in PE. Students opening their own account and access to their work will give them have more ownership and hopefully more inspiration to add and reflect on their work.

I also don’t want to be spending my already limited spare time organising and adding student work to notebooks, especially with a possible 200+ students when I eventually roll this out to all my classes.

  • What are some hurdles you may face creating sportfolios? (time, privacy issues, etc.)

I only have 8 iPods, which creates a time dilemma to enter data digitally. Ideally each student would have his or her own device. Something that is going to be an uphill battle implementing when we are a school that bans mobile devices. My plan though, is to continue inviting admin to see how using the iPods (not just for sportfolios) is the way forward in PE.

Using rubrics and simple checklists for reflections on skills, tactics, decision making, co-operation, attitude and responsibility is one way in minimising time spent on entering data.

  • What should you include in them?

What to include in sportfolios will differ depending on what each teacher wants to gain out of creating them.

For me, as technology in PE is still quite new at our school, I’m trying to keep artifacts and the process of entering them, as simple as possible.

Some artifacts included in my Yr 8 Sportfolios so far are;

*Sorry my links are a little ugly, will tidy up when I have better internet connection

These are some artefact ideas linked that my students have created. It is really a process of trial and error to see what works in practice or is it taking too much time away form activity.

TIME is key for having a successful sportfolio. Too much taken from activity means re-evaluating is required.

Along with most people reading this, I am just at the beginning of sportfolio creation. With time I will reflect and revamp how students create and add to their portfolios. I think this may be an ongoing and evolving process.




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