How To: Set up #sportfolios with your students using @Evernote. A step by step guide

Below is a step by step guide on how Ive set up @Evernote #Sportfolios with my students, including a printable handout making collation of emails, usernames and passwords more streamlined. As I only have 8 ipods, I had students in pairs, one creating accounts and the other reading the instructions to their partner. They were given the opportunity to have a play with a few of the features to become familiar with what is avaliable on the app. Students shared their notebooks with me and were given the option to record their username and password on their sheet (as this can sometimes be forgotten between weekends)

If you do use this method for sportfolios please let me know how it went!

1. Open the evernote app in the PE folder on the iPod. ☐

2. Create evernote account by adding a username and your email on the sign up page. ☐

3. This is the home screen. You will see 4 green tabs: ‘Places’, ‘Tags’, ‘Notebooks’ and ‘notes’. Open each tab to have a look. Once you have created an account and are in evernote, tap the ‘notebooks’ tab ☐

4. Tap edit (top right hand corner) ☐

5. Tap ‘New notebook’ (top left hand corner) ☐

6. Name your new notebook –> Last name, first name, year group, subject, 2013 (NO SPACES)

Eg. KampenBlake10PE2013 ☐

7. Tap ‘done’ and ‘done’ again☐

8. Open your notebook by tapping it☐

9. Add a new note by tapping ‘+’ ☐

10. Lets quickly practice entering artifacts: Write your name in the title☐

11. Take a photo of yourself using the camera icon☐

12. Tap the microphone button and mention the 4 outcomes you are being assessed on in basketball (1. Dribbling/passing, 2. Move to space, 3. Defence, 4. Sportsmanship) ☐

13. Close the note ☐

14. Tap the share button (arrow top right corner) – You may have to scroll to the top ☐

15. Tap ‘invite individuals’. ☐

16. Tap ‘tap to add’ ☐

17. Enter my email

18. Tap ‘invite’☐

19. That’s it – Now anything you add to that folder will be automatically synced with me. ☐


Evernote name: _____________________________ In the top left on the home page
Tap your username, scroll down and tap ‘Evernote email address’.  Please note that you should write down any ‘zero’ with a strike through it   Ø eg 2ØØ2


Evernote email: _____________________________­­­­

Always remember to log out of your account and delete any photos/videos you take on the ipods from the camera roll as these are shared device

SPORTFOLIO LOG .doc Printable handout for students


3 thoughts on “How To: Set up #sportfolios with your students using @Evernote. A step by step guide

  1. Hi I think this is cool. I’m doing the sportfolio with my students as well but with googledrive.
    I have many positive things but also negative.

    For them I think it’s difficult to understand that they don’t need to create a document each time we do the class, sometimes they forget they password or they e-mail. I think this is normal in their age ;). There are another negative things like I can’t embed the videos in the document. I have to do this with a link. I’m wondering If next year do it the same with blogger. But also there are positive things like I’m under supervision of all the sportfolios and I know when they have already written something and then I have to correct them.

    Anyway how is in Evernote? Is it easier? I think your guide it’s quite difficult to understand for me. Maybe if you created a videotutorial would be easier.

    Eduard Sabaté

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