20 Ways Students Can Use a $39 Cell Phone in Physical Education

So Ive been keeping an eye on the local supermarket catalogues over the past few weeks for a cheap smartphone. Yesterday I found what I was looking for in a $39, 3.5 inch Huawei with a 3.2MP rear facing camera. Perfect! I actually bought 2 which will complement the departments 8 ipod touches.


For what I want to use these devices for, the $39 Huawei phone does everything I need.

  • Connect to our schools wifi
  • Audio, Photo and video recording capabilities
  • Ability to download apps from the Play Store

This little experiment was partly to boost our resources but mostly to show our admin, phones can be used as very effective learning tools, not only in PE, but in any classroom.

As we speak our school has a ‘Not to be seen, Not to be here’ policy where students are punished if their phones/ipods/ipads are seen at anytime on school grounds. What a tough policy to uphold when almost every student owns (and still brings to school) a phone or other device. Not to mention an outdated one (was created 6 years ago when we were a middle school with 8-13 year olds)

So far Ive managed to have a clause put in to the policy whereby phones and ipods are banned except when using the PE departments ipods! Win #1

Win #2 came when I received a reply email from our principal commending me on the work I’ve done creating a new ‘acceptable use’ policy draft to be put to senior staff next term. It will most likely be trialled with senior students initially. BOOM! One more step towards my goal of pushing for BYOD.

Below is some ideas (in no particular order) on how I have used iPods in PE and how I plan to implement the 2 new phones as well in just the same way.

#1.   Stopwatch – A good quality stopwatch can cost around $60-$80. A tool that will be used most lesson

#2-6.   Google Drive (free) – For the creation of sportfolios

  • Word Documents (multitude of uses eg. Self reflection or goal setting)
  • Spreadsheets (multitude of uses eg. Fitness data entry, athletics results)
  • Forms for assessment
  • Can add Video analysis/evidence upload (see apps below)
  • Can add Photo analysis/evidence (eg umpiring or peer coaching)

#7.  QR scanner (free) Scan codes for; google forms for assessment, short instructional videos, warmups posted around the gym, basically anything that has a link) www.qrstuff.com  and  http://www.qrvoice.com are some good tools for creation.

#8. ubersense (free in 2014 on android)/Coaches eye ($5.49) Specific skill analysis (eg. Shot put)

#9. Dart fish Easy Tag (free) GPAI peer assessment or game statistic recording (eg. Basketball shots made/missed, turnovers, steals etc)

Photo 24-09-2013 8 57 52 am

#10. Explain everything* – Can be used as assessment or instruction linked to QR codes (eg. Matts link) *Now avaliable in android

#11. Video Tagger (2.99) Create highlight video packages that can focus on 2 skills, for example dribbling and passing in basketball

#12. Skitch – annotate images (see below)

Evernote Camera Roll 20130724 152049

#13. Evernote – record audio reflections, add images, teachers can email links straight to student notebooks, take a quick note for class and set it as a reminder eg. Don’t forget a change of clothes Thursday.

#14. Reminder– homework reminders using the alarm function or reminders function

#15. Calculator – work out heart rate averages or any other calculations

#16. Edmodo– Many uses, handing in work, completing quizes, watching youtube clips

#17. Facebook– Students can keep track of all things fit and healthy as well as upcoming events and student achievements on our department page http://www.facebook.com/dchpe

#18. Dropbox – Students can submit and retrieve files ‘on the go’ through sharing folders with the teacher

#19. Internet search– For research during theory lessons

#20. Music player – for circuit training to change stations or as extra motivation when playing games.

Now I do realise there are thousands of other apps out there suitable for use in the PE classroom, but these are just the tools I am personally using at the moment. I don’t want to turn my PE class into a IT classroom, so I try to keep things simple by only introducing apps or concepts that are intuitive and that I know the students will be comfortable using as they have the prior knowledge.

Please leave any comments below on how you use mobile tech in PE. Would really like to hear some opposing opinions or gain some new ideas.


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