My Teaching Inspiration


Next week my Mum will be retiring from teaching.

She has been providing primary students their education for over 30 years. That’s around 1000 students she has inspired over the years to become doctors, policemen, artists, scientists, engineers, managers, carers, ambulance officers and educators. But most of all, students come out at the end of the year better people for their experience of being in her class.

At the start of a school year, dozens and dozens of parents request to have my mum teach and nurture their kids. She is very good at what she does. She’s THAT type of teacher.

She is the teacher running in the staff races on athletics day, dressing up on Easter and Christmas and volunteering her time before and after school for anything to help make her students experience at school something special. She’s THAT type of person.

She is the teacher, who at Christmas time comes home with bags of presents, chocolates and thank you cards from parents and students. Much to the sugary delight of us boys when we were at home.

She is the teacher who knows every student so well. What they love, hate and dream. How they learn and what makes them tick.

She is the type of teacher to have ex students visit her regularly at school.

She knows all parents by first name and won’t hesitate to stop while at the local shopping centre to listen to parents concerns and give feedback on their kids. I remember many times Mum going up the road to the shops for a couple of things only to return 90 minutes later after bumping into a parent or two.

She is an inspiration. And my teaching inspiration.

My mum has taught me to see the good in every student, no matter how ‘bad’ they are.

To have patience with my students and really listen to them when they’re speaking.

To work hard at not just teaching a curriculum but moulding students to be active contributors to society. 

Her school, colleagues, parents and students will be sad to see her go. But I know she is going to make the most of her retirement.

Congratulations Mum! I love you and im really proud for what youve achieved. You should be really proud of the impact you’ve had of the students lucky enough to be taught by you and the community they live in. 

Cheers to you!



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