Goal setting for 2014 (the #pegeek way)

I wanted to set some personal and professional goals for the year ahead but was wary of listing them with all good intentions only to not revisit them.

Using google calender and a google spreadsheet, ive set up a simple workflow to have my goals at my fingertips ready to reflect, review and reset with weekly notifications to my phone.

Heres how you can do it.

1. You need a google account. Pretty simple, go to google.com, create an account following the steps provided.

2. Create a google spreadsheet listing your short or long term, personal or professional goals. You can create seperate sheets within the same spreadsheet to categorise your goals if you please.
You could use the S.M.A.R.T principle for the headings if you please, in specific, measurable, acheivable (or achieved – Y/N), realistic and time frame.


3. Once you have listed your goals in your new spreadsheet, copy the link.

4. Now open google calender.

5. Create a new event on a day and time you know you are not busy (eg Sunday night 8pm).



6. In the event notes, paste the link you copied earlier linking to your spreadsheet


7. You can set the event to be repeated. Set the repeat time to weekly or however often you would like to revisit your goals. Set end time to 31st December 2014.


Now every week at 4pm Friday I will recieve a notification reminding me to review my goals. I simply open the notification, click the link which will take me to my ‘2014 goals’ spreadsheet. In just a few minutes I can reset or change the goals or check if ive reached them. It keeps me on track to achieve what Ive set my mind to, in a simple and effective way.


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