#Sportfolio Evernote Experiment update – Going WITH paper!

Last year I wrote about how I was attempting to use Evernote and iPods to create digital sportfolios in PE. I put a lot of hours and effort into this Evernote experiment but a the end of the day, it just wasn’t viable at my school.
Limitations included;
  • not enough iPods meant too much time was being spent out of activity and on inputting data.
  • Connection issues with the school server and Evernote meant the data entry into student sportfolios was unreliable.
  • He upkeep of the 8 iPods was my responsibility and took up a fair bit of time
This year I have scrapped the idea of digital and have kept things simple with student portfolios in PE and totally changed my use of Evernote with a senior school outdoor education class.
Paper Sportfolios
I have found these to be much less stressful to set up and very easy to add student work. Students have added their fitness booklets, 2 pieces of self reflection and a peer skill analysis document this term. An assessment outline will also be added to allow students to monitor their grade progress.
The problem I have had is students not bringing in their book list items of a presentation folder (the ones with the plastic sleeve) and a clipboard. This is something I will address early next term. The folders will be stored in our sports shed and be taken home at the end of the year.
Still using Evernote
I have set up my Outdoor Education class with an Evernote account each and had them create a ‘notebook’ to share with me. This way, every time we do a theory lesson, I can email them questions, links, pictures or reflection ideas (via idoceo app, in just a few taps i must add) to their evernote email. The email notes are sent directly to their notebooks and they can work on their macs, ipods or PC. I can see which students are working well and those that need some extra help (or a good rev-up).
I have also had the students modify their sharing of the notebooks to allow me to modify notes. This has really been key in giving feedback and marking assignments (and keeping this class paperless). I am able to open any piece of their work on my mac or ipad and in red text, annotate their work. I also have the option to add audio feedback to their assignments, but am yet to venture into that.
On our expedition, students are required to keep a journal of events, identify flora and fauna, and track their food and water intake. this will all be very easily done with evernote and students smartphones.
Two different ways I’m using portfolios to capture student learning which seem to be working for me right now! I’m sure things will continue to evolve again in time….

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