My ‘Twitter for PE-PD’ workflow using ‘Pocket’ and ‘Evernote’ #pechat

Pocket-logo unnamed

The #PEchat this week touched on how #physed teachers are using social media for personalised professional development. Id like to quickly share my simple workflow to funnel the mass of information on twitter into bite sized-readable chunks.

While scrolling through my twitter feed, I may come across quite a few articles or blog posts that sound interesting. On my phone, ill open the tweet (IMAGE 1), tap the share button (the one that looks like a sideways V) and send to my ‘pocket’ app (IMAGE 2 AND 3). Download this free cloud based app and try it out yourself. This way I can continue scrolling through my feed and keep adding to the pocket app. Once I get time, I’m able to head back, open pocket and read through the articles/posts I had saved. The great thing about pocket is that it formats the text to an easily readable size on your screen, which makes viewing a lot easier.

If the resource is something ill want to use later, I will again tap the share button in pocket and forward to my evernote account for safe filing. If you have read other posts on my blog you will know that I love this app and use it multiple times daily to stay organised and literally never forget a thing. There I can tag the article or post for future reference, or share with my department.


Screenshot_2014-04-09-16-10-28 Screenshot_2014-04-09-16-10-43 IMAGE 1


















































This simple workflow allows me to focus on particular areas of interest, rather than feeling bombarded with the mass of information off twitter (which is easy to do!)


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