Presenting #GAFE to staff using #gforms as the hook!


I was asked to present some professional development to staff on how we as a PE department were using Google apps. The challenge was to make it relevant, hands on and appear accessible and interesting. I had to make it ‘Google-icious’ as I was given the time slot in the morning after staff had come back from 2 weeks of holidays.

I Opened with all staff needing to find an answer to the question, ‘which nation hosted the second ever summer Olympic games after Greece’? They quickly typed away on their laptops and iPads and raised their hands enthusiastically hoping to all have the correct answer.

The answer didn’t matter, the process did.

Every staff member used Google to find the information. Nice segway.

After mentioning a few different apps available, I stopped with google forms. Staff had some experience filling them out for me with different surveys ive had them complete, but had no idea of what happens to this information. I needed to make it hands on so emailed out the link to a google form I had prepared earlier (here). 

I received almost 50 forms submitted in under a minute with some humerus answers to some of the questions.

Staff filled out the form as I brought up the Google sheet mentioning how the information is magically collated in this sheet. Quickly sorting particular rows to show how quickly this data can be analysed or used for feedback stunned a few people. Mentioning how easily the sheets and forms can be shared also seemed to amaze some. I then showed some examples of how we collected around 600 students fitness test results to analyse, voted for new faction names, and created some small pieces of assessment by simply linking forms with a QR code and completing with the PE ipods. (All using forms).

I then illustrated live how quickly and easily forms can be created. The form I created asked staff if they would like more PD, to add their email and ask if they remembered what GAFE stood for (to get the acronym out there in their minds). I then emailed the form link to all staff, which in total took about 45 seconds. (Got a laugh when all the laptops were ‘pinging’ with a new email!)

The aim of my short presentation was to give staff a glimpse into the power of Google Apps, with an ultimate goal to have enough staff support to push to become a GAFE school.

Hopefully Ive hooked enough staff with forms to continue with some more hands on, basic and quick PD to keep the ‘Google ball’ rolling!



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