18 ways to use Google forms and sheets in #Physed (including examples)

Google Apps For Education are an amazing suite of apps specifically catered for schools and students. Part of this suite are google forms, which allow a very quick and organised way to collect any sort of data which can be analysed and sorted within a spreadsheet. basically, once students have entered the data via the forms, the information is merged into a spreadsheet and saved into your google drive. Forms are extremely easy to share via the magic ‘share’ button, which you can email to students or link to a QR code! Get organised and start using forms in PE.organisation (1)

Below is a list of 18 ways Ive used google forms and sheets in #Physed, or ideas I have come up with for future use. Your options are limited only to your imagination, so feel free to share your ideas also!

  1. Ask students questions relating to a particular games rules to gauge their understanding
  2. Collate fitness testing results 
  3. Collate Athletics/Swimming sign ups/trials times and distances to easily enable ranking
  4. Students can self reflect on effort/skills/tactics in class
  5. Peer assessments in any context
  6. Monitor and track behaviour
  7. Teacher feedback from students on specific lessons, or evaluation of units using scales
  8. Collect key words based around your particular unit and compile a spelling list
  9. Link forms to QR codes to allow easy accessibility if using mobile devices
  10. Work on shared forms with your department to develop assessment rubrics or shared assignments
  11. Game results, best players and sportsmanship awards during SEPEP units.
  12. Quiz students on your PE policies eg. Change of clothes, participation
  13. Passing on information and receiving feedback from parents.
  14. Students can watch an embedded video and answer some questions based on the clip
  15. Students can monitor their work rate after circuit work
  16. Create ‘homework’ questions to create a flipped classroom
  17. Create an exit ticket
  18. Creating PD for staff



2 thoughts on “18 ways to use Google forms and sheets in #Physed (including examples)

  1. Great ideas! Here are a few ways we use it ………Track student fitness assessments throughout 6th-8th grades, emailing parent fitness reports, locker and lock lists, excuse/ Dr notes, sign up for elective classes and field day activities, collaborating with colleagues, etc.

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