Gamifying sex education


In an attempt to create a rather bland lesson into an interactive and engaging one, last week I decided to try and ‘gamify’ my reproductive organs introductory lesson. Overall the students seemed to be far more interested in reviewing the reproductive anatomy than simply labelling diagrams form a handout (although i did start with one as a reference point).

Students firstly had students use this interactive site, as well as this one to shade and label their diagrams. Not so ‘game-like’ but interactive none the less.

Using the basic information obtained they were able to move on to task 3 and 4. This involved matching the list of terms to the correct anatomical position in a timed game. Quite a few students had moved on to this task and stayed here for the rest of the lesson, hoping to beat their previous times or move to harder levels. This was fine with me as it was only reinforcing what i wanted them to remember.

Task 5 involved students creating a crossword based on the reproductive organ terms. They had to use the kids health websites from task 1 as a reference to develop clues. The crossword generates automatically and can be printed out for their peers to solve.

A handful of students had completed all their tasks so I did a quick search on my ipad and found this app, which kept them engaged and entertained for the last few minutes of the lesson, while still sticking with theme of the lesson.

Im going to be searching the net for more interactive learning material as it just seemed to capture even the most uninterested students attention. Please feel free to leave any ideas or links below in the comments section.


One thought on “Gamifying sex education

  1. Tried this with my Grade 7 students and was a very successful lesson. Was a great alternative from the stock standard a & p lesson on the reproductive system. Students were fully engaged and enhanced their learning through testing their understanding and trying to solve each other’s crosswords. This was very popular. An initial challenge was that our school is an iPad school meaning a class set of net books needed to be booked. It bit scary to observe how they’ve got so used to using iPads their ‘computer skills’ were quite deficient. This did improve, however…thankfully!

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