Gamifying 7-min-run using google sheets

Most of my year 10 boys thrive on competition. In any context throughout the year they are almost always engaged if they have someone they need to out-shoot, out-run or out-hit which I knew I had to harness with their fitness goals.

At the beginning of each lesson, students are required to run for 7 minutes through a course marked by pine poles, each 125m apart. Once the time expires, they have 10 seconds to reach the closet pole, or simply count the last pole they passed. Students then walk to get a drink and let me know how many poles they have passed. Pretty simple so far.

I have set up a google sheet  which automatically calculates;

  • each individual students total distance run
  • total distance run by the whole class
  • class average distance run each lesson
  • an average class total distance per student over the course of the term
  • and when each student reaches a particular distance in their challenge (2km, 5km, 10km, 15km, 21.2km) the cell has been conditionally formatted to match the colour of their level (ie. 2km total = bronze, 5km total = silver, 10km total =gold)

Students rate their perceived exertion as a reflection and aim to reach the distance goals in order to receive these badges.

Each Monday I print out the class and student totals and pin up in the changerooms. The boys are always quick to flock around the sheet and see where they’re at and chat about how far they are going to run today. There is a buzz around the room which makes for a great atmosphere to begin a lesson. This is where I also hand out the badges so they can be placed in bags (and hopefully some make it onto the fridge!)

So far I have two year 10 classes challenging each other for total class average. Each lesson they check if they have overtaken the other, which is creating a healthy rivalry between the classes and also acting as a motivator.

What I would really love is for us to challenge a similar aged group ( I have a year 9 group that will be starting soon), from another country. I would send the link for the template google sheet and badges and help you set up if required. Get in contact if your interested! @mrkampen



3 thoughts on “Gamifying 7-min-run using google sheets

  1. Hi my name is Colin lyons. I am a PE teacher in Devenish college, which is in Enniskillen, co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. We would definitely be interested in linking with an Australian school. Great motivational tool to promote HRF.

    Let me no if u can make it work.



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