OUTDOOR ED: Using feedback to enhance learning

Aim High Jump Often


I’ve been reflecting a bit on my teaching recently as 12 year comes close to a close. I’ve had the same ‘group’ of students since year 10 outdoor ed and they are now about to sit their final year 12 outdoor ed exam. Being able to work with them over three years has proved powerful. Every experience and assessment they’ve had, I’ve learnt from too. Their successes, failures, their trials and celebrations have all helped shape the program from year to year. And now as we start to focus on exam preparation, we have three years worth of examples and experiences to recall and apply to content.

Anyway, it got me reflecting on how I’ve given feedback, and, how I can better use feedback to help students prepare for their final exam.


  • Feedback is information provided to students that is used by them to alter the gap between their current performance and the ideal (i.e…

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