The HPE Australian Curriculum

Revised draft Australian HPE Curriculum

Draft Shape of the new Australian Curriculum

Scope of draft Australian Curriculum

PE Australian Curriculum Planning sample doc. An example of how you can plan for the new curriculum 5 minute video outlining the basics of the draft paper.



To get my own head around all the new terms and acronyms found in the Draft PE Australian Curriculum I defined some listed below along with a colour co-ordinated chart.

Band – is the band of 2 year groups. Ie band 7/8, band 9/10.
Strand – Are the 2 main outcome headings for HPE. PSCH and MPA
Key Ideas – There are 3 for each strand (see below)
context – There are 6 for each strand (see below)
Achievement Standards – Are the descriptions for each band.


The Dalyellup College HPE Department has been selected to trial the National Curriculum in 2013. Ill endeavor to post updates and findings throughout the year


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